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Website Design & Development

Website design and development covers many areas of setting up a website application for the Internet per se (also referred to as the World Wide Web). This can include the creation of personal websites, brochure websites, ecommerce websites, blogs, forums, Internet applications, directories, online payment systems etc. Generally speaking, it literally includes any type of Internet system design and developed using Internet technologies that is created for the purpose of running on the Internet.


As mentioned above, this can vary from simple brochure websites to highly complex Internet applications (pieces of software) that run over the Internet, such as ecommerce websites or online publishing applications. It is hard to define the term as the process of setting up any one particular kind of website system. This is because website design and development actually covers all the elements involved in the process of having a website designed and developed for the Internet, and making it accessible to a group of users, either privately or publically, locally or Internationally.


Broadly speaking, we consider website design and development the process of designing and creating an Internet system or parts of an Internet system to run on the-web, for the web. In some cases this might involve the design and creation of a system that utilises some of the simplest technologies and development processes; in other cases it will involve utilizing a larger range of Internet technologies and recourses. This will ultimately depend on the complexity of the system, a topic that will be discussed on our website in future articles.


There for, for the purposes of creating a helpful definition that will give you a better understanding of how we offer our website design and development services to meet the needs of our clients, it is fare to say that the “website deign and development ” process includes both the design and the development aspects of establishing a website.


It includes both the non technical layout and planning of the website application, as well as the technical development process required to successfully produce, deploy and run the website application.


In order to give you an analogy of what we mean by this, consider the process of building a house. First the architect will design a house drawing based on the lifestyle requirements and preferences the client, then the builder will actually build the house.


In this example the architectural design of the house is more than a visual layout. It outlines the technical development guidelines for building the house as well as the development process and constraints that mush follow to ensure the house is development appropriately.


The process of developing a website is actually very similar. The website development process involves both the design and development aspects of the website, involving all the aspects of taking the design and actually building the website application and making it function successfully.


At Cyber Efficiency we specialise in every aspect of this process. We work closely with all our clients in the design and development of the website being produced. We will both guide and instruct you, helping you establish a professional website application that will serve its purpose well.


Sydney Website Development and eCommerce Solutions

Cyber Efficiency provides professional website solutions that allow small to medium organisations 'do business' with their customers, partners and employees over the Internet in an easy and highly effective way.

Our highly advanced Content Management Systems and Internet development expertise means that we can deliver great value to your organisation in sales, customer reach and communication efficiencies.

Need help or getting started?Contact Cyber Efficiency today to speak to an Internet consultant for a free, no obligation discussion about your needs. We would like to share some thoughts with you and demonstrate how our Internet and Website Solutions will help you move forward in the right direction.

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