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Web 2.0 Standards

Web 2.0 standards are for ensuring rich internet user experience, interactive surfing, dynamic web content, scalability and many other features. Compliance to Web 2.0 standards would definitely enhance the user experience and ensure a homogenous, uniform surfing experience for the netizens.


If you are running a web enterprise or an online store, then surely you would like your users or potential customers to revisit your website. If their surfing experience is unpleasant or sluggish, they would never return to the store. Web 2.0 standards ensure that each visitor to a compliant website leaves the website with a pleasant navigation memory.


Web 2.0 standards compliance relate to the implementation of technical aspects connected to tags, easy search, links, authoring etc. Without going into the technical details, it is enough to say the Web 2.0 standards compliance aims at dynamic web content and active user participation.


Now Cyber Efficiency has several satisfied clients whose websites or online stores have been made compliant to Web 2.0 standards. These clients have given positive feedback in that more and more visitors are revisiting their stores and websites on account of the easy navigation, fast search options and quick links to important web pages.


Our professional team of experienced developers and programmers spare no effort in ensuring the quality of your websites through Web.2.0 standards compliance. A detailed foray into our portfolio page at would definitely convince you about our capabilities and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


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