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The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C was formed with the express objectives of bringing uniformity and consistency of all websites. By conforming to uniform standards of HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS and other website technologies, the W3C sought to bring all the websites of the world to comply for the sake of uniformity.


Today whenever a new website is developed or an online store launched, the developers ensure that the website and the store conform to the W3C standards. W3C compliance today is standard procedure.


We at Cyber Efficiency, while accepting assignments for online store development or web applications development, ensure that the developed products/solutions fully comply with W3C standards.


Our core team of committed and expert professionals has been trained thoroughly to ensure W3C compliance in all their developmental work. Our development methodology accords great priority to this aspect after consultation and planning.


W3C compliance is not done for its own sake.  When complied with, these standards bring uniformity and seamless surfing with all ecommerce or other websites. W3C compliance brings together different technologies for a comfortable internet experience.


If you are looking for web development with W3C compliance, then Cyber Efficiency must be your clear choice.  No need to ponder over it.  With our experience, exposure and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have proved time and again that our development solutions are on par with the best available.


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Cyber Efficiency provides professional website solutions that allow small to medium organisations 'do business' with their customers, partners and employees over the Internet in an easy and highly effective way.

Our highly advanced Content Management Systems and Internet development expertise means that we can deliver great value to your organisation in sales, customer reach and communication efficiencies.

Need help or getting started?Contact Cyber Efficiency today to speak to an Internet consultant for a free, no obligation discussion about your needs. We would like to share some thoughts with you and demonstrate how our Internet and Website Solutions will help you move forward in the right direction.

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