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In the development methodology priorities, Planning occupies a pretty important position.  This is because website development and applications development including CMS delivers appropriate results only through proper planning and execution.


Planning of development has to be based on customer interaction and comprehensive assessment of the requirements of the client enterprise or online store. Requirements and features differ from store to store and on products and services offered.  Each ecommerce website has to be planned with much meticulous attention devoted to color, feel, page layouts and themes in respect of the website content and the choice of applications for Content Management etc.


Planning has to have the objective of delivering the products and services to the clients with the shortest possible clicks and without much complicated navigation through the website. The product description, price, order, payment and shipping details have to be explicit and unambiguous. This in essence, should be the clear cut aim of every online store.


Planning has also to take into account the need for frequent changes and modifications to the online store as customer demands and needs increase.


In short, Planning has to be a holistic approach, taking care to look at all the aspects of not only website development and applications deployment, but at the overall look and feel of the online store itself.


Planning also should take into account the compliance aspect of the website to emerging standards like W3C and Web.2.0.  Planning should provide for effective and efficient content management systems and frequent updates and version changes to keep pace with the fast changing ecommerce world.


Cyber Efficiency assures you a stable and time-tested development methodology which never compromises on quality for the sake of pricing. Our core development team promises you satisfaction and performance at competitive prices.


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Cyber Efficiency provides professional website solutions that allow small to medium organisations 'do business' with their customers, partners and employees over the Internet in an easy and highly effective way.

Our highly advanced Content Management Systems and Internet development expertise means that we can deliver great value to your organisation in sales, customer reach and communication efficiencies.

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